Moab’s Climbing Landscape is one of the best in the United States. Experience Utah’s incredible rock climbs – from Indian Creek and Ancient Art to Castleton Tower and more on our private Climbing Tours.

Rock climbing in Moab is ideal for beginners to learn basics and foundational movement. At the same time, experienced climbers can challenge themselves on one of the thousands of climbs in the Moab area.

What You Should Know

Climbing styles can range from face, crack, sport or trad. We guide Fisher Towers, Castle Valley, River Road, Wall St, Ice Cream Parlor, Abraxis, and even Indian Creek.

At Clapper Adventures, every climb is customized. So whether you want to summit your first tower or take in the breathtaking views closer to the ground, we cater to climbers of all skill levels. Additionally, we follow AMGA standards and safe practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone go rock climbing in Moab?
While Moab may have a reputation for some of the most challenging climbs, there are plenty of places for beginners and intermediate rock climbers to enjoy.

What do I need to bring with me?
You’ll receive an email before your climb detailing everything you need to bring with you.

Are there any age restrictions to go rock climbing in Moab?
At Clapper Adventures, we welcome even the youngest climbers. Please contact us for more info if you have kids under 8.

Are Ancient Art, Indian Creek, or Castleton on your bucket list? Do you have a unique rock climbing request? Book your rock climbing tour in Moab today.