Experience the best riding in Moab with Clapper Adventures. We offer short-day trips and longer full-day guided tours to all of the most popular trails in the Moab area.

Mountain biking in Moab is perfect for a range of skill levels. We’re familiar with all the trail networks and can customize rides in real-time. We can kick it up a notch or dial it back to give you the best day out.

What You Should Know

Our guided Moab Mountain Bike Tours will take you to some of Moab’s best mountain biking trails like the Mag 7, Brand Trails, Navajo Rocks, Monitor and Merrimack, Klondike Bluffs, and Klonzo trails.

Whatever your style, Moab has a trail for you. We can take it easy and cruise or push it to the limit. It’s up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do tours leave from?
If you’re a visitor, we’ll gladly meet you at your hotel, or we can meet at another convenient downtown location.

Are kids allowed to come on a Moab mountain biking tour?
Kids ages 8 and over are very welcome to join us for a ride!

What do I need to bring?
You’ll want a comfortable pair of riding shorts and shoes. Once you book your trip, we’ll send you an in-depth list of things we recommend bringing. Bike rentals are available for an additional fee.

The best mountain biking trails in Moab await. Reach us by filling out an Inquiry Form or call 435-260-7066.