Where Is Your Next Adventure?

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, you’re in the right place. Veer off the beaten track with us and make awesome part of your daily vocabulary. We create custom adventures, tailored to your interests and passions, in one of the most incredibly diverse landscapes in the world. These lands have shaped us, and we know they’ll shape you too. We’ll share with you these wild places, the ones that inspire. The ones that can all at once fill you with beauty, challenge you, and also manifest your chill. Maybe you’re after technical backcountry terrain, or just a walk in one of canyon country’s most spectacular National Parks. It could be iconic red rock climbs, paddles down swiftwater, or a ride over slickrock. Whatever it is that you’re into, from frontcountry to backcountry, our certified instructors create an expertly guided experience. We carry decades of technical and historical knowledge, ensuring that you’ll even learn a thing or two about this amazing place we call home. This is our passion, let us help you ignite yours.

Happy Clappers

“Evan is a superb guide! Amiable, knowledgable, and very adept at determining the skills and limitations of our group. He was spot-on in every way! Can’t imagine there is anyone better at what he does.”


“Best trip ever!”


“What an awesome trip! Thanks to Evan’s instruction and technical expertise I left Moab climbing at least two grades harder than I ever could in the gym. Learning to jam those beautiful desert cracks was nothing short of inspirational.”