Have you ever wanted to explore Moab’s stunning water-carved canyons? Head out on the ultimate canyoneering adventure. Our guided Canyoneering Trips in Moab, Utah, feature the routes with the most bang for your buck.

Moab Canyoneering routes cater toward adventurers of all levels. No experience is necessary. However, you should be comfortable hiking off-trail over uneven terrain.

What You Should Know

Moab canyoneering is all about having fun in nature. We work as a team employing various techniques, including rappelling, hand lines, partner assists, chimneying, and stemming. We’ll move through the terrain and overcome natural obstacles in canyons carved through ancient dunes and tidal flats.

We’ll explore fan-favorites like Bow and Arrow, Morning Glory, and Entrajo canyons. We also host beginner, intermediate, and advanced level trips, always customized to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a private Moab canyoneering tour?
Yes! We offer private tours from a Moab classic like Morning Glory to the ever-popular Bow and Arrow, among many others.

Which route is best for me?
We get it. You want to experience the best canyoneering Moab has to offer. We’re always happy to help you determine which trip is best for you. Just give us a call!

Are full-day canyoneering tours family-friendly?
They can be! At Clapper Adventures, we welcome kids ages 8 and above to explore with us. We customize every trip to meet your unique needs.

​​Moab is home to gorgeous wonders for those with a sense of adventure.  If you have any questions about a tour, please fill out an Inquiry Form or call 435-260-7066.